Insured & Licensed

Insured & Licensed

Homeowners are most likely to encounter scams after a catastrophe or severe weather event like a hurricane. These fraudulent service providers go from door to door, offering to fix your roof, driveway, or whatever was damaged by the extreme weather. Then they ask for money upfront to pay for the supplies they need. A small portion of the work gets done and then the contractor disappears. He can't be reached by phone and you never see him again. However, these fraudulent contractors can strike at any time, and often elderly people are their prime target. In October 2013, 42 elderly people in Fresno, Calif. lost thousands of dollars to three conmen, who offered to repair their homes, took money upfront then never completed any of the repairs.

This is why we're insured & licensed so you can rest assure that we'll get the job done with quality and professionalism.

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